Airtel: How To Flash Any Number Without Airtime

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In today’s blog post we will be reviewing how to flash any number without airtime on your Airtel Sim. This tutorial is going to come very handy when you are out of funds and you have exhausted your borrowed airtime or you are simply unable to borrow airtime. If you really need to make a very important call, you can simply follow the guide below to learn how you can flash any number with 0.0k on your AIRTEL sim.

How To Flash Any Number Without Airtime Using Your Airtel Sim.

Currently this trick only works with Airtel Sim and it allows you to flash all of Nigeria’s network subscribers with 0.0k.
Please note that this is not a new trick. We simply decided to share this with people who still do not know about it. Let’s move on to the main topic without saying much.

  1. First and foremost, copy out the number you wish to flash(skip this step if you know the number by heart)
  2. Go to your phones dial pad and type in “**” followed by the number you wish to flash for instance, “**08144727276277” ( this is an Invalid number, just for the purpose of this tutorial).
  3. Tap on dial and it will immediately call and disconnect at your own end but It will ring once at the receivers end.

That’s all, you have successfully flashed a number on your phone without any airtime.
The good news is that you can repeat these steps as often as you want, so you don’t have to bother about running out of flash amount. You can also choose to flash other network subscribers other than the Airtel line by following the steps above.
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