2 Very Important Reasons Why Starlink Will Not Disrupt Internet service in Nigeria

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Starlink is unquestionably worth considering because it provides download speeds that are ten times faster than the average Internet service provider (ISP) or mobile network in Nigeria. Whether or not we need more speed, we are all captivated by the prospect of having it.

There are numerous chronologies throughout human history that detail the development of faster vehicles, faster transportation, faster internet, and faster versions of anything else that is imaginable. However, just like in every other field, the things that are faster are not mainstream, in other words, they are not for everybody.

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen how excited people get when a new service or technology that is faster or better is announced.

It’s human nature to get excited about new things. However, as the initial thrill subsides, most people move on to other activities. New products that significantly alter the market are rare. Did you also notice that the hype surrounding MTN 5G suddenly fizzled out?


The vast majority of consumers are eager to take advantage of the many benefits offered by many newly introduced products and services. Few innovations have the right balance of improvements, advantages, and cost to be really revolutionary.

However, not Starlink in Nigeria, at least not in its current state. Perhaps a modified version in the future will.

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Even while Starlink provides Nigeria with its fastest Internet service, it is expected to remain a niche product used mostly by the country’s wealthiest 5 percent. It’s also likely that some people outside of that select group may figure out ways to use the service to their benefit (for example, pull resources to obtain the service for a block of apartments).


The truth is that I share the enthusiasm of many but I do not foresee its complete replacement of Nigeria’s current data infrastructure. Here are my reasons

Starlink’s satellite communications equipment costs ₦268,584. The majority of Nigerians can not pay this for set up alone, coupled with our SAPA index.

Asking them to give up this huge amount is a difficult task. Those with significant financial resources and a few members of the middle class, who collectively make up the top 5 percent of the population, are the only ones who can afford to make such payments.

Take into consideration that if you place an order in USD, you could wind up spending as much as ₦441,000 for it ask Fisayo Fosudo or Izzi Boye.

It would appear that Starlink used an approximation of the conversion to get at the figure of ₦268,584 based on the official USD exchange rate.


Starlink is not a mobile connection, even customers who use it will continue to have a separate mobile subscription for use when they are not at their primary residence or place of business.

Just imagine paying for two distinct data services monthly and maybe yearly as the case may be, it will surely take a toll on you with time.

And if our network providers happen to up their game, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve been scammed.

Wrapping Up

Starlink Internet will continue to operate as a specialized product across the nation. In a tweet that was published in December 2022, SpaceX announced that Starlink has now surpassed one million users all across the world.

Nigeria is an appealing market, due to the substandard quality of the Internet service that the country’s Internet service providers (ISPs) offer.

There is a good chance that this will end up being one of Starlink’s most important entry points.

However, if there could be some sort of price slash or easier set up then Starlink may be able to take on the Nigerian market better.


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