5 Airtel Customer Services You can Perform Yourself

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Here is a list of  5 (five) Airtel customer services you can perform yourself, you don’t need to call any Airtel customer care line to get these services done.
Owing to the fact that, we always want to keep you updated with the latest tech news, do-it-yourself(DIY) tips, tutorials, and so much more. We decided to put together five Airtel services you don’t have to call the Airtel help line to get these services done.

5 Airtel Customer Services You can Perform Yourself.

The first on our list is the most searched “how-to” query by Airtel subscribers.

  1. Check own mobile number: Many network subscribers tend to forget their mobile number for many reasons, we wrote a full blog post on how to check your Airtel number; for the updated 2019 post. Click on the link below to read more.
    How to know your Airtel phone number 2019
    and also some fast methods on checking your Airtel phone number when you are in a hurry. Here is the link.
    3 Swift Methods To Check Your Airtel Mobile Number
  2. Check Sim and Device Compatibility: We have had many questions in our WhatsApp groups concerning this particular issue of finding out if your sim or your mobile phone is 4G enabled. You can check if your sim is 4G enabled and also if your device which the sim is inside is 4G enabled all by yourself without the help of anyone. Simply dial *121*1# on your device then reply the command “Check Sim and Device compatibility” with 1. If you have both a 4G sim and a 4G Device you will receive the below message.

    “WELCOME! Your SIM and device are 4G LTE compatible. Simply buy a Data bundle and Select 4G on your device settings.

  3. Check Network Coverage: Some areas do not have certain network coverage like 4G and 3G. How do we find out? You can ask people around if you want to or you can as well find out by simply dialing a code on your device and you will receive an information about what network coverage is available in your area.
    Dial *121*1# and reply the command “check network Coverage” with 2.
  4. SIM Swap: Yes, you can perform a SIM Swap by yourself. It only takes few minutes and you are done. SIM swap is a network service that allows a subscriber to maintain his/her original number even after changing SIM cards. There are many reasons why a network subscriber might choose to perform a SIM swap, a subscriber might want a different size of SIM or an improved network enabled SIM(like swapping from 3G to 4G SIM) and so on. Simply dial *121*1# to initiate this process. Reply the command “SIM Swap” with 3. Make sure you have the sim pack of the new sim you want to Swap to, because you will be asked to provide certain details found on the sim pack. Just follow the command prompts to perform a simple Sim Swap.
  5. KYC locations: KYC is an acronym for Know Your Customer or Know Your Client. This service will enable you to know the different Airtel customer care offices around your region just in case you need further assistance with anything concerning the network. Simply dial *121*1# and reply the command “KYC Location” by 5.

You will be prompted to add the state and local government area you are, just to scale down the amount of information which will be disclosed to you.


These are the 5 Airtel Customer services you can perform by yourself share with us in the comment section, your opinion concerning this topic.

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