Facebook Dating App Launched with Instagram Integrations

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The famous social media “Facebook” Launched a dating app called “Facebook Dating” in the US not up to a week ago.

Sources says the app promises to increase the company’s comprehensive insights into people’s personal data for better matches, when compared to other competing dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match and so on.

The newly launched Facebook Dating App allows users to integrate their Instagram posts into their dating profiles and also add their Instagram followers to their “secret crush” list next to their Facebook friends.

According to Facebook, by the end of this year, users of the” Facebook Dating App” will be able to choose which Facebook stories or Instagram stories will be added to their dating profile.


The company knows the potential privacy issues of this new App and has therefore taken a number of steps to block certain features so that users do not end up connecting to family, friends, colleagues or other professional acquaintance unconsciously.

For starters the people you see on the Facebook Dating will not include your Facebook friends. You can also  decide to allow the Facebook Dating App to show only people you don’t have the same friends with, just so you can achieve a certain level of protection.

There is also a feature to prevent others from seeing your Facebook dating profile, this will go a long way to ensure that your Facebook profile is not displayed to other users of the Facebook App.


One cool feature of the Facebook App is that your profile will never be seen by friends or people who are not on the Facebook Dating App and it will also not appear in the news feed.

With the newly added integration of Instagram, only your photos will be displayed not your Instagram handle, However there are still ways to add friends. If you will probably love to add friends as a “Facebook Secret Crush” which is only disclosed if there are shared interests.

This number of secret crush is limited to only nine crushes to prevent  abuse of the function. This feature is already applied to Instagram followers, even with the launch of Facebook Dating App in the US.

Another cool feature of the App is that, you can connect with people who you attended the same event with or participated in the same group you did. however, this is disabled by default and can be activated individually.

In addition, Facebook Dating will introduce you to various profiles based on other factors such as Shared friends(if activated), shared groups(if activated), shared schools(if activated) and other unknown factors which Facebook did not disclose.


The greater purpose .of Facebook Dating is to make the match even more personal, this should remind you that there are real people behind these profiles.

According to Facebook, dating shouldn’t be a game,this could be the biggest difference between the Facebook Dating App and other competitors in the market.

The problem with other dating applications is that they do not provide incentives to help people build long term relationships, which Facebook is said to excel in.

On the other hand , Facebook doesn’t really care about the volume of its users which is over 2..4 billion monthly social network users, The company has the bandwidth to create even more dating ad-dons.

The net number also represent the potential for a much larger number of people willing to join as well as those who would not consider joining the dating platform.

Besides, the United states, Facebook dating is already active in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay and Vietnam.

According to our source, it will be launched in Europe next year. Over to you, do you think “Facebook Dating” will ever be launched in Nigeria?

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