Facebook Sets to Re-brand Instagram and WhatsApp

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Facebook is at the verge of rebranding their other online platform, Instagram and WhatsApp. It’s surprising to find out that many social media users are still not aware that the famous WhatsApp and Instagram are now owned by Facebook. Although, the both social media platform were very much independent of Facebook but were later incorporated into one but still having their standard stand alone platform. The plan of Facebook rebranding is simply to add “Facebook” to the other social media. In essence, Instagram will now be known as “Instagram for Facebook” and WhatsApp becomes “WhatsApp for Facebook“.

The Instagram and WhatsApp employees have already been informed by Facebook about plans of rebranding both the applications.
Some months back, we informed you guys about the prior attempt of Facebook to incorporate WhatsApp and Instagram. The move was going to have a certain feature where a user on Instagram messenger can inbox another user on Facebook without having a Facebook account and the other user on Instagram can also inbox the other on Facebook without having to own a Facebook account. You can read more on this information below.

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