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How to Delete ezoic Account or Remove a website from Ezoic Ads Platform

You probably came across this awesome website when, you were in search for how to deactivate(delete) your ezoic ads account. In just few steps, you will learn how to uninstall Ezoic ads from your website. Ezoic is a great ads platform no doubt; but most times certain advantages comes with a mouthful of inconvinience that […]

How to Recover your Hacked Facebook Account in Less Than 10Mins

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook account has been one trending question i keep getting everyday, so i decided to make a post about it. One of the most agonizing experience one can ever have is, having your social media account hacked especially one as big as your Facebook account. Believe me, it’s so agonizing […]

Tangi- Google launches App that teaches you Anything in 60 Secs

Google has recently announced the launch of an “experimental social video sharing app” which they call Tangi. Tangi features 60-second tutorials and will teach you everything and anything. Since the last decade, YouTube has been the Go-To platform for any form of the tutorials you might be looking for. Now Google is about to change […]

How to make money online via Ysense

learn how to Make Money Online via Ysense, Many of these online money making platforms are usually fraudulent websites, in fact 70% of them will only set you up on a wild goose chase and leave you with nothing but not Ysense.